"At Platinum, the most important thing is human. When music is played and the coffee's smell spreads out, we start working on projects with all ideas and passions. Each member believes that we can make all the spaces become more beautiful and professional with design. "
With inspiration, friendliness and reliability, we create the best products for customers.
  • Research customer's information

  • Offer design projects

  • Present the project for approvement

  • Project's cost estimation

  • Present material samples and construction schedule

  • Negotiation &Contract

  • Inspectation and delivery

  • Warranty & maintenance

  • 1. Receive customers' requests through direct meetings, both parties will discuss to agree on the general requirements for design project.
  • 2. Based on customers' requests, we survey the status of actual space then propose ideas for design and implementation as well as propose a project for basic overall design.
  • 3. After completing the design ideas, we will present them to the customer. These ideas can be adjusted a few times to match customer's demand in order for the customer to approve.
  • 4. We will send the construction quotation according to the design that has been approved by customer and quotation for the project.
  • 5. After the design is approved, we will present specific material and propose the most suitable construction schedule.
  • 6. After agreeing on the cost estimate, two sides sign the construction contract and approve the method of payment under the contract.
  • 7. The completed works are handed over following the committed contract before putting them into operation. Both parties undertake actual inspectation.
  • 8. Warranty and maintenance process will be implemented in accordance with the conditions in contract.
A team of more than 20 highly qualified staff graduating from architecture and arts from prestigious universities.
Together with a team of skilled workers who have many years experiencing in organizing and implementation.
And create more beautiful and livelier spaces,...